UV Resistance Anchor Band

Wire- harness Anchor Band
June 14, 2019
Tab Bands
June 28, 2019

UV Resistance
Anchor Band

Product Description
  • Non-damaging to plants and ensure better yields
  • Convenient & fast during tying process
  • Repeatable
  • User- friendly, Environmental- friendly
  • Natural destruction in field and yard

Product Size
  • Range of thickness: 1.0mm – 2.4mm
  • Range of width: 1.0mm – 5.0mm

Product Color
  • Specially formulated to sustain heat and UV from sunlight. It comes in black color, normally used in agriculture industries such as vineyard industries, plantation nursery, flower farms, tomato farms, vegetables and fruits. (e.g. in grape farms or vineyards, we can be UV anchor bands while or after pruning

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